Yoga and a Plant Based Diet

February 25th
Sun 2 PM · Prana Yoga Tsawwassen · Delta

A 2.5 hour workshop exploring yoga, meditation, and whole food plant-based nutrition. Giving you the tools to adapt and integrate healthy, enjoyable and sustainable practices into your daily life. Nourish yourself, and cultivate greater balance - through movement, meditation, and healthy eating!

* Reconnect with your body and settle the mind through a hatha yoga practice (all levels welcome) and develop breath awareness.
* Let yourself be guided through a meditation practice, cultivating the present moment.
* Explore the foundations of whole food plant-based nutrition.
* Discover how to prepare simple, delicious and nutritious meals to support your practice and your life

Two women with a mission: To share our passion, knowledge, and experience through yoga, meditation, and nutrition. We guide, inspire, and empower people - toward developing a healthier, more balanced life!

Live Yoga Off the Mat

If you’ve ever taken a yoga class, you’ve probably had this experience: You’re holding a pose and the tension is more than you can take. Your muscles are reaching their pain and stamina threshold, but the instructor reminds you to breathe into the sensation. And, when you do, you notice that you can tolerate the tension and hold the pose a wee bit longer. Sometimes, the tension actually subsides, and you’re able to deepen the stretch.

Here’s what happened: You experienced a stressor and, rather than resist it or get bent out of shape over it, you rode the wave of sensation and watched it change and then recede.

If you’re human, you’ve probably also had this experience: You leave the sanctity of yoga class, and life starts throwing you stressors. Maybe you’re late for an important meeting because you’re stuck in a major traffic jam, or maybe you get a call from your teenager, who’s just crashed your car. All of a sudden, the stress-management tools you learned in yoga class are a distant memory, if not completely forgotten.

You may be increasingly skilled at practicing yoga on the mat, but when it comes to practicing yoga off the mat we often forget these skills we have obtained.  By remembering what works on the mat also works off the mat, It works in traffic, with your teenager, and with your boss."

When stressors arise, we can choose to “ride the waves,” and the prescription goes like this:

  1. Breathe: Just like in yoga class, breathe when uncomfortable sensations (fear, anger, sadness, and so on) arise. Breathing takes us from fight, flight, or freeze—the sympathetic nervous system, to the parasympathetic nervous system [that promotes] relaxation. Just like on the yoga mat, as you breathe into the sensations, they relax and change.
  2. Relax: Try to soften your muscles and relax around the tension, We can cultivate ways to soften around it. As we do that, the tension shifts rather than our entire being constricting around the constriction.
  3. Feel: Feel your feelings, notice the sensations that arise in your body. Feelings are not the problem, It’s what we do to try to control them that digs a hole. So, when a stressor arises, try giving yourself permission to feel whatever comes with it. Let the experience move through you.
  4. Watch: You might have been encouraged in yoga class to step slightly to the side, figuratively speaking, and watch yourself in the midst of a challenging pose. That can be helpful in life, too. Witness consciousness is the capacity to notice what’s happening without judgment, the ability to observe with radical compassion.
  5. Allow: This can be tricky for those of us who like to be in control, but just as we strive to allow painful sensations to arise and pass in yoga class, we can do the same in life. We can’t control other people, situations, or things, but we can develop passionate non attachment.  We can relax into the experience rather than trying to force it. It will always pass.”

This off-the-mat practice can help us struggle less and savor more. We develop the capacity,says to be in relationship with reality in a way that moves us forward through life.

~ Namaste