Be at least 5 min early to class

  • Enter and leave the studio quietly. Take time to sit in quiet meditation and mentally and physically prepare for class. 

  • First-timers? Come 10 or 15 minutes early so you can fill in a waiver. Get comfortable and take a look around your new yoga studio.  

  • Group public classes are for students aged 14 and over. 

  • Are you aged 14 to 18? If so, you need signed parental consent. 

Shoe-free, phone-free zone and chewing-gum free zone

  • Leave your shoes at the entrance; mobile phone turned off and hidden away. 
  • Keep the studio clutter-free by putting your extra items in the cubbies provided in-studio.

  • No you can't chew gum and do yoga. Spit it out before you come into the studio. 

  • Water? We have a reverse osmosis water system, but no cups. Bring your own water bottle. Hug the earth. 

Your health:  All students must complete a waiver

  • If you have health concerns, see your doctor before your practice and bring a note to class. 

  • Pregnant students require a doctor's note. 

  • We do not offer any medical advice —  we teach led, group classes so if you are injured, see your doctor first. We will need a note confirming you are okay to practice.

  • Look after your body, ask for modifications and choose a class that suits your body and your fitness level.

  • Illness: if you are sick or have anything contagious, please do not attend — rest up and get better. 

    We will happily pause your pass until you are well.

Be mindful of others

  • Avoid perfumes as some people are allergic. 

  • Be neat, quiet and mindful as you enter and leave studio.

  • Be nice. A yoga studio is not just about the physical practice, it's about smiles too. 

Do Yoga: Yoga should never, never be painful. If something doesn't feel right for you, don't do it. Ask for another option

  • Listen to your body and go slow. 

  • Rest if you need to. 

  • Choose a style of yoga that works for you. New to yoga? Start with HATHA. 

  • See our Class Descriptions for more info. 

  • See our Terms/Conditions for buying passes, pausing your pass and returns/refunds. 

  • Classes are for students 14 and over, and those under 18 years require signed parental consent