Sarah Henderson

Sarah began practicing yoga as a way to stretch after running, but it became so much more than a physical practice when she started to feel subtle changes in her mind and heart. Without realizing it, she had started down a path of self-discovery, and it has changed her life for the better. Practicing yoga gives her the space she needs to let go of her thoughts, connect with her heart, and embrace her dreams. 

Sarah teaches yoga to share her passion for something that has truly been such a positive influence in her own life. She strives to give her students space to connect with their heart and their own unique passions. She believes that taking the time to be still, to breathe, and to listen will help us tap into our innate wisdom and guide us to where we truly want to be. 

Sarah is a certified RYT-200, and teaches all levels Hatha, Yin, Vinyasa, and paddleboard yoga.

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Jilena Robson

Jilena has been practicing yoga since she was fifteen and as a teacher, enjoys inspiring others to take a whole body approach to wellness. Jilena is a motivated yoga instructor with experience teaching in gyms, studios, preschools and creating specialized workshops. Yoga nurtures a high level of energy and vitality in the context of working with yourself, instead of “willing over” yourself.

Jilena emphasizes “listening” to the body and respecting it’s boundaries as a vital part of practice. She believes if one fosters a relationship of trust and awareness between mind and body, the poses will evolve naturally with ease.  Jilena strives to make her classes accessible to all fitness levels and enjoys sharing practice as a vehicle to create some space in our schedules and minds through connection to the body.



Taylor Odobas

She practices yoga to be a kinder and calmer person off of the mat. The practice to her is all about balance, showing up without expectations and breathing! She believes that the deeper you dig through the yoga practice, the waves of life become easier to ride. Going with the ebb and flow of the universe is her mentality! She feels that every day should be filled with yoga, chocolate and tons of smiles.

Teaching her classes with humour and enthusiasm from the heart, she plans to make an uplifting impact on her students on how to love life and live it to the fullest! In her spare time Taylor enjoys hiking, cycling, drinking coffee, jumping in the ocean and playing with her dogs. She also works as a full time Registered Massage Therapist (RMT) at a multidisciplinary clinic in Langley called Movéo Sport and Rehabilitation Centre


Lindsay Katherine

Lindsay never intended to become a Yoga Instructor, but the deep healing work from the practice inspired her to take her first Yoga Teacher Training in 2009. Lindsay has been offering yoga and meditation to the public for 8 years, and believes that all styles of yoga contain benefits - yoga really is for every body! 

Her teaching background includes mindfulness trainings, ashtanga, iyengar, anusara, ashrams in India, and everything in between. In 2018, Lindsay will obtain her 500 hour Registered Yoga Teacher designation with the Yoga Alliance. 

Lindsa's classes will help you find union with your body and mind, guiding you to coordinate movement and breath, to flow from one pose to the next. Expect to laugh, sweat, and be warmly encouraged through your practice.


Mariko Yanagawa

Yoga has had such a healing effect on Mariko that she wishes to share its benefits with all students. Her classes focus on the healing power of breath, safe alignment and holding space.

She teaches strong and stable Hatha classes, dynamic Flow classes and lively, invigorating Kundalini classes. When not teaching or working she spends time with her children, walking in nature, practicing yoga, and dancing (sometimes in the rain)!



Kailie Watts

Growing up in gymnastics and now through running,  Kailie has always been interested in the body and movement.  Yoga has always been a part of her life in one form or another, from a young age. Three years ago a shift in her life occurred that took her on a journey to Brazil, where she decided to do her 200hr yoga teacher training with a company called Define Yoga and she has been growing as an instructor and a student ever since. 

Kailie's classes are most often Hatha but she also enjoys teaching all styles of yoga. To her, the practice of yoga in essence, is the practice of self-love. It is getting to know one’s own body and mind on a more subtle level, a journey and exploration of the self, and her aim is to facilitate this through mindfulness, movement, meditation and breath. And of course fun! 


Tokiko Latheron

Tokyo has always been curious about how the body works and how it interconnects with our mind. Soon after coming to Canada from Japan 15 years ago, she took her BCRPA instructor course and started teaching cardio and weight exercise.

She learned a great deal about how the body works; however, Tokiko wanted a deeper level of connection with body and mind because the mind is the power box to govern our entire being. In 2006 I added a 30 hour yoga training through BCRPA. Ever since, Tokiko cannot describe her life without yoga. 

Tokiko wanted to deepen her yoga knowledge more, so she took her  200 hour yoga instructor training in 2013. Tokiko's all time passion and goal has been sharing the goodness and brilliance of a yoga practice with her students and giving them the same level of benefits as she has experienced herself.


Dal s Proofs-Dal Sumal Final 2000-0010.jpg

Dal Sumal

Dal found yoga 16 years ago in an effort to escape the stresses of daily life. Upon acknowledging the many benefits of her practise, she was inspired to share the gift of yoga with others. She is certified to teach hatha, vinyasa, yin, and kundalini yoga, in addition to mindfulness meditation. Dal leads her classes from a place of wanting to help students let go of “stuff”, and create space within themselves, to foster physical, mental, emotional and spiritual growth.

She believes that such growth will eventually lead students to connect to their true, authentic self. Her classes can be both vigorous and relaxing, but always emphasize ease and steadiness. She enjoys inviting students to connect to their own spirituality, as she chants sacred mantras during Savasna. Dal’s classes give you the opportunity to take pause from the external world, and move towards your internal world, where you can truly be present with what is.


Karin Zeitler

Karin is a professional Yoga Therapist (C-IAYT) with certificates and diplomas in Yoga (E-RYT 800).  With a practice in Yoga, Fitness and Wellness spanning 40 years, Karin is well equipped with teaching and life knowledge, and looks forward to sharing, and unrolling her may with you! “It takes years of practice and going through ones own journeys through illness, injuries, grief and then back again too wholeness, to gain the wisdom”

Savour the bliss of deep stretch and relaxation, feed the soul.  You will find a class that merges conventional Yoga methods with non traditional techniques and applications allowing the body to find its own safe alignment, naturally and organically serving those especially, who’s bodies are journeying through maturity and self awareness.  Emphasizing a non competitive approach ... just the profound healing power of what is Yoga.